How long does temporary erectile dysfunction last

How long does temporary erectile dysfunction last
Manoj Kumar Published : Mar 17, 2024 Last Updated : Mar 20, 2024

Erectile dysfunction is a problem found in several men today. However, it is not known to everyone that ED can be permanent or temporary. It depends on what caused it in your life. Permanent erection problems have no solution and last forever.

But there are temporary erection problems that go away. Do you know exactly how long it lasts in men? If not, do not worry. Today, we are here to discuss everything about temporary erectile dysfunction. Go through this article to get complete details.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a state where men find difficulties in achieving and maintaining an erection. Certain underlying causes can be the reason for poor erectile function. It reduces sexual desire in men, giving them an unhealthy sexual relationship. It even impacts the sexual well-being of a person.

Is erectile dysfunction temporary?

As per a recent study by, it has been seen that erection issues might be temporary. It entirely depends on its cause, whether it's permanent or temporary. Mainly, temporary ED is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, physical injury, and some other psychological factors.

The lasting duration of temporary erectile dysfunction

Medicine Net, in a recent study, suggested that if one faces temporary or situational erectile dysfunction, then it may last for a month to a year. The duration of your problem varies depending on the cause of it. If it's a temporary erection problem, the effect may last for around 6 months, but this too varies from patient to patient.

But if you don't treat temporary erectile dysfunction, it can worsen the symptoms. Also, it may lead to permanent ED in some cases if not treated well.

Possible causes of temporary ED

There can be several causes behind temporary ED. The main observed symptoms of ED that remain for a short period are due to the side effects of different medicines. Here, we discuss some of the possible reasons why you might be suffering from temporary ED.

Medicine side effects

ED might be caused due to the side effects of other drugs you are taking. Some of the drugs that cause this problem are antidepressants, sedatives, antiandrogens, ulcer medications, hypertension medicine, and many more.

These drugs cause temporary erectile dysfunction by limiting the blood flow amount in the body. Hence, blood cannot reach the penile region. This also makes it challenging to achieve erection as needed for sexual pleasure.


ED may also occur if you don't involve your body in physical activity. No physical activity directly affects the cardiovascular system. It affects the working of the cardiovascular system and results in poor cardiovascular health. Hence, it leads to improper blood flow in the blood vessels around the penile region, which results in erection problems. Less or no blood flow directly restricts men from achieving and maintaining erection. Also, poor habits like excessive alcohol consumption and unhealthy diet may lead to poor sexual function.

Psychological factors

Psychological factors mainly include stress, depression, and anxiety. All these are the most important causes of temporary ED. Many individuals even face performance anxiety when involved in sexual intercourse.

Men who suffer from performance anxiety are very concerned about their performance. These men are worried about whether they can satisfy their partners. As a result, all these thoughts in the mind lose their concentration and cause erection problems.

In some cases, even if men achieve erection, they lose it much faster. Taking much pressure to satisfy your partner sexually can also lead to ED problems.

Medical conditions

NIDDK shows that the medical conditions you are suffering from may also cause ED. Men who suffer from cardiovascular disease are most likely to experience erection problems. The medical conditions that contribute to temporary ED are high blood pressure, liver health, diabetes, Sclerosis, and many more.

Hence, it is best to inform your doctor about all health problems you are suffering from. Your doctor will try to minimize the risk of the drug.

Excess use of porn

Several individuals enjoy watching porn. Today, the internet has widespread excess use of pron. Behav Sci suggests that watching porn often can lead to erectile dysfunction. Other than this, it may also contribute to delayed ejaculation.

This happens so because watching frequent porn weakens the sexual senses in men. Men start taking internet porn as reality. Hence, they lose the need for satisfaction. Also, they are unable to get sexual arousal. So, these men mostly have erectile dysfunction.

How to diagnose Temporary or Situational ED?

You are most likely to suffer from temporary erectile dysfunction if you are getting erection problems frequently. Temporary ED has different causes and symptoms. Proper diagnosing of your erection problems can only be done by your doctor. They will find the underlying cause of your ED, whether it is due to physical health issues or psychological factors. In some cases, both factors lead to impact your sexual activity by causing ED.

Tell them about all your medical and sexual history you are suffering from. Also, let them know if you consume alcohol or use cigarettes. The interaction of some drugs may also result in erection problems.

Diagnosing it at an early stage makes you treat it faster. Else, it can worsen your ED symptoms.

Treatments for temporary erectile dysfunction

An unhealthy lifestyle may cause erection problems. If you start living a healthy lifestyle, it might help you treat ED easily. It even improves the ED condition. Always try keeping yourself calm and away from stress to reduce ED symptoms.

Spend time with your partners, which may help you attain sexual stimulation and improve your sexual performance. It will indirectly help you to achieve an erection. For temporary ED, doctors in rare cases advise taking medicines such as Viagra, Cialis, and others. These ED medications belong to the class of PDE5 inhibitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is ED medicines a solution for treating temporary ED?

Ans- Temporary ED is mainly cured with few lifestyle changes. Medicine is prescribed in only rare situations if a person needs combined therapy of ED treatment and psychological support.

Q2. Does taking alcohol daily cause temporary ED?

Ans- Regular intake of alcohol may cause temporary erection problems. As soon as you adopt a healthy lifestyle and discontinue the intake of alcohol, you can observe the difference in just a few months.

Q3. For how long does temporary Erectile Dysfunction last in men?

Ans- Temporary ED lasts for just a few months. After determining the cause of ED, you can tell how long it may last in a body.

Final words

So, if you are getting erection problems, don't panic. It might be temporary or permanent, depending on its cause. So, consult your doctor to find out whether you are suffering from permanent or temporary ED.